TravelPlans365’s training modules cover the following topics:

Learn the basics of Travel Plans, including the different types and their benefits.

  • 1.1 What is a workplace travel plan?
  • 1.2 Why create a travel plan in the first place?
  • 1.3 What are the benefits of a Travel Plan?
  • 1.4 Foundations of a Travel Plan

2. How to make the business case

Find out how to make the case for a Travel Plan, and obtain senior management support.

  • 2.1 Why is a business case important?
  • 2.2 Understanding the benefits and costs
  • 2.3 How to build a case for your business management team discussion

3. How to gain staff support

Learn why it is important to get your colleagues on-board, and how you can achieve this.

  • 3.1 Why is it important to gain the support of staff?
  • 3.2 When to engage with staff
  • 3.3 How to engage with staff

4. How to carry out a travel survey

Understand why travel surveys matter, and how to design & deliver them at your workplace.

  • 4.1 Benefits of a survey
  • 4.2 Choosing your survey
  • 4.3 Designing your survey
  • 4.4 Distributing your survey
  • 4.5 Analysing your survey

5. How to write a Travel Plan

Learn how to structure and document sustainable travel objectives using a Travel Plan.

  • 5.1 Structure of a workplace Travel Plan
  • 5.2 Setting aims, objectives, and targets
  • 5.3 Developing actions
  • 5.4 Monitoring progress

6. Introducing typical Travel Plan initiatives

Find out what activities Travel Planners use to promote more sustainable modes of travel.

  • 6.1 Car Sharing
  • 6.2 Bus and Rail
  • 6.3 Walking
  • 6.4 Cycling
  • 6.5 Reducing the need to travel
  • 6.6 Promotional events

7. How to deliver successful promotional events

Learn how to plan, deliver, and evaluate the impact of promotional events for your Travel Plan.

  • 7.1 What are they and why do they work?
  • 7.2 Types of events
  • 7.3 Pre-event planning
  • 7.4 On the day
  • 7.5 Post-event review

8. How to effectively manage your car park

Understand why and how you can better manage car parking in different workplace contexts.

  • 8.1 Why is it important to manage your car park?
  • 8.2 Costs and benefits of parking
  • 8.3 Mitigating parking use
  • 8.4 Associated parking issues

9. How to be a master marketer

How better understanding employee travel needs will turbo-charge your Travel Plan.

  • 9.1 Marketing behaviour change campaigns
  • 9.2 Understand target market behaviour
  • 9.3 Strategy and planning
  • 9.4 Develop your marketing mix

10. How to achieve behaviour change

How better understanding employee travel needs will turbo-charge your Travel Plan.

  • 10.1 What is behaviour change?
  • 10.2 Behavioural models
  • 10.3 Theories of Change models
  • 10.4 How this relates to transport and travel planning

Find out how your business can adapt to a post-Covid-19 world